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  • Ian Abel - MIB Facilities

Historic Preservation…what’s the big deal?

There is a lot to be learned about Australia’s building history from what remains today. While books and stories can teach us a lot, being able to experience history first-hand is certainly a special experience.

There are many benefits to preserving historic buildings – both tangible and intangible. Not only does preserving an historic building have a cultural and educational benefit to our communities. Historical preservation is also an environmentally friendly process, something we really acknowledge here at MIB Facilities as being important.

By preserving historical buildings, we are able to hold onto the authenticity and history of the past. From the brickwork, the walls, floors, doors and foundations, they tell a story about our historical building materials and craftsmanship. They give a guide to how different is was over the years and what has changed.

As a national construction and demolition company, sometimes we have to navigate our way through very carefully keeping the pieces of history alive in and around buildings.


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