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Staying Safe on the Job Site – Our number 1 priority

As a national construction, demolition and remediation company, we consider safety to be our number one priority at all of our jobsites. Working to every State and Territory legislative requirements requires safety practices to be to the highest standards.

Being a quality building company and working in the Fuel Industry throughout Australia in the construction and demolition of Service Stations has meant achieving a high standard of safety is essential. There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety.

At MIB Facilities, we are incredibly careful in taking the necessary steps to keep all of our people, Contractors and on-site visitors safe, everyday. As with all working environments, there are always risks and hazards to overcome daily. MIB’s goal is to keep everyone safe all the time and this should be a key focus of the construction industry.

Accidents, Lost Time Injuries, work related injuries impact on everybody and come at a heavy cost to the construction industry and its workers.

At MIB Facilities, we are dedicated to getting your next construction, engineering, remediation or demolition project completed safely.

Our entire team works diligently to eliminate any risks and hazards to your project by using our expertise and years of experience in safely managing your project.

When it comes to building your next commercial fit-out or refurbishing a service station site, our construction and engineering professionals will deliver project success.

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